Recent Papers

  • Stitt I, Galindo-Leon E, Pieper F, Engler G, Fiedler E, Stieglitz T, Engel AK (2015) Intrinsic coupling modes reveal the functional architecture of cortico-tectal networks. Science Advances 1: e1500229 (pdf)
  • Gulberti A, Moll CKE, Hamel W, Buhmann C, Boelmans K, Zittel S, Gerloff C, Westphal M, Schneider TR, Engel AK (2015) Predictive timing functions of cortical beta oscillations are impaired in Parkinson's disease and influenced by L-DOPA and deep brain stimulation of the subthalamic nucleus. Neuroimage Clinical 9: 436-449 (pdf)
  • Helfrich RF, Knepper H, Nolte G, Strüber D, Rach S, Herrmann CS*, Schneider TR*, Engel AK* (2014) Selective modulation of interhemispheric functional connectivity by HD-tACS shapes perception. PLoS Biology 12: e1002031 (pdf)
  • Helfrich RF, Schneider TR, Rach S, Trautmann-Lengsfeld S, Engel AK*, Herrmann CS* (2014) Entrainment of brain oscillations by transcranial alternating current stimulation. Current Biology 24: 333-339 (pdf)
  • Moll CK, Galindo-Leon E, Sharott A, Gulberti A, Buhmann C, Koeppen JA, Biermann M, Bäumer T, Zittel S, Westphal M, Gerloff C, Hamel W, Münchau A, Engel AK (2014) Asymmetric pallidal neuronal activity in patients with cervical dystonia. Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience 8: 15 (pdf)
  • Engel AK, Gerloff C, Hilgetag C, Nolte G (2013) Intrinsic coupling modes: multiscale interactions in ongoing brain activity. Neuron 80: 867-886 (pdf)
  • Engel AK, Maye A, Kurthen M, König P (2013) Where‘s the action? The pragmatic turn in cognitive science. Trends in Cognitive Sciences 17: 202-209 (pdf)
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